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How much land is owned by Norfolk County Council?

Who Owns Norfolk's estimates that Norfolk County Council owns between 16,790 acres and 21,080 acres (6,780 hectares to 8,530 hectares).

This equates to between 1.24% and 1.55% of Norfolk's total land area and makes the county council one of the county's largest landowners. An interative map is available below (note this map is designed for desktop usage):

If you know of land owned by Norfolk County Council not included in the map above please get in touch at

Note: the above figures are rough estimates only - these are based on data obtained from the Norfolk County Council (NCC) that is in some cases likely to be out of date.

An exact number is hard to determine as Norfolk County Council are constantly selling off assets, either to generate funds or as part of infrastructure development.

County Hall, Norwich - owned by Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council HQ - County Hall, Norwich

The original data was obtained from NCC's "Norfolk Inspire and Open Data" webpage - available here. Specifically the "County Farms Estate" and "Norfolk County Council Property" datasets. This data is useful, particularly the County Farms Estate date. However, the date that this information was last updated is not provided. Furthermore, the Norfolk County Council Property data includes all the property interests of the council - including land that is both leased and owned by the council. It therefore does not represent an accurate picture of how much land is actually owned by the council.

In addition, when Who Owns Norfolk reviewed this dataset, it became clear that it includes assets that have since been sold off by Norfolk County Council - such as Holt Hall.

WON calculated the lower bound of the land ownership range above by adding the Farms Estate area (16,140 acres, assuming the estate is still all owned by the County Council) to the area of the assets WON has confirmed as owned by the county council, such as Scottow Solar Farm. The upper bound was calculated by adding the Farms Estate area to the full area of the Norfolk County Council Property (4,940 acres).

How much land is Norfolk County Council selling off?

This section will be updated soon.

Who Owns Norfolk's flagship West Norfolk is available below. Our other maps are available here.

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