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George Monbiot's seminal work on rewilding, "Feral", was published in 2013. In the years following the concept of rewilding has been subject to an exponential increase in attention in the UK. Landowners across Norfolk are now joining the movement to rewild parts of their land. To our knowledge, Ken Hill Estate in Snettisham was the first Norfolk to join this movement in January 2019. The map below outlines the Rewilding Norfolk map, displaying publicly announced rewilding projects in Norfolk and the landowners behind them.

Further supporting data relating to Rewilding Norfolk can be found in this publicly available Google Sheet.

Rewilding Norfolk: Text
Rewilding Norfolk: HTML Embed

The map can be viewed in Google Maps by clicking this link

Rewilding Norfolk is currently aware of three large scale rewilding projects in Norfolk:

Wild West Acre (1,939.73 acres)
Wild Ken Hill - Snettisham (1,575 acres)
Wild Massingham (318.6 acres)

These projects represent 0.28% of the Norfolk County Council area. 

Rewilding Norfolk: Text
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