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Holkham Estate Map

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The map below displays the full extent of Holkham Estate.

Holkham Estate Map:

Who Owns Norfolk produced this Holkham Estate Map. To our knowledge this is the first map of the estate to be made publicly available, perhaps ever.

Holkham Estate is just over 25,000 acres in size, and is Norfolk's largest private estate. It is centred on Holkham, a small village on the North Norfolk coast, but it includes the 2,000 acre Castle Acre estate, near Swaffham, as well.

Marshes at Burnham Norton, all owned by Holkham Estate

It is owned by Thomas Coke, the 8th Earl of Leicester. Land at Holkham has been owned by the Coke family since 1605. Prior to this, the Coke family were a member of Norfolk's gentry.

At the height of the power of England's landed aristocracy Holkham Estate was much larger. In 1883, it stretched to 44,000 acres.

The full Who Owns Norfolk map can be found here.

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