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Norwich Western Link interactive map - charting the destructive path of a new road

The proposed four lane Norwich Western Link (or Norwich Wensum Link) road will crash through:

  • Picturesque and un-spoilt Norfolk countryside.

  • Ancient woodlands.

  • Priority lowland deciduous woodland habitat.

  • A protected natural area (a Site of Special Scientific Interest or 'SSSI').

  • One of only 200 chalk streams in the world.

  • Potentially the largest colony network of a protected bat species in the whole of the UK (pending results of independent survey).

Who Owns Norfolk has built the interactive Norwich Western Link Map below to illustrate this path of ecological destruction. Please note, the route below was constructed from publicly available static maps depicting the originally proposed route. Norfolk County Council has proposed a slight alteration to avoid local barbastelle bat populations, however this new proposed route has yet to be published in detail (to our knowledge) and has not been included in the map below. Note that wildlife experts believe the proposed re-route will still have a devastating impact on these bat populations and could still cause a local extinction.

Please contact us on Twitter if you are aware of a map of the new Norwich Wensum Link route or notice an error in the map below.

The full Who Owns Norfolk map can be seen below:

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