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Sandringham Estate Map

The map below displays the full extent of Sandringham Estate.

Sandringham Estate Map:

Who Owns Norfolk produced this Sandringham Estate Map. To our knowledge this is the first map of the estate to be made publicly available, perhaps ever.

Sandringham Estate is just over 20,000 acres in size, and is Norfolk's second largest private estate, after Holkham Estate. It is centred on the villages of Sandringham and West Newton, small villages in West Norfolk. It includes several grand country houses: the stately Sandringham House, where the Royal Family spend Christmas, and Anmer Hall, which was gifted to Prince William in 2013.

Sandringham House, taken in 2011 (credit: John Fielding), source link

It is owned by King Charles III, head of the British monarch. Sandringham has been owned by the Royal Family since 1862, when just under 8,000 acres of land were purchased for £220,000 for Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, as a country home for him and his future wife. Between 1870 and 1900, the existing country house was almost completely rebuilt.

Most of Britain's landed aristocracy have faced a decline (to a greater or lesser extent) since the late 19th Century, when an agricultural depression followed by the imposition of high inheritance taxes led to the partial or total break up of many estates. The Royal Family has the power to veto laws that might impact their wealth, so one assumes they did not face the same pressure - their Norfolk estate has almost tripled since 1883. For reference, the other vast Norfolk estate, Holkham, almost halved in size in the 20th Century.

The full Who Owns Norfolk map can be found here.

@Who Owns Norfolk, 2023

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